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What is Kip McGrath and why are we so successful?

Kip McGrath Ashby is part of a network of worldwide Kip McGrath learning centres which have been running in excess of 40 years. The programmes of study have been designed to improve knowledge, confidence and the enjoyment of learning and they are delivered by teachers who have many years of experience; Each of which is CRB checked and hold full, enhanced disclosure certificates. They are enthusiastic about learning and fantastic motivators.

Inspiring children to learn

At Kip McGrath Education Centre Ashby de la Zouch, we offer professional tuition in English and Maths to children aged 5 - 17 years within the heart of the Midlands. It is a dynamic, stimulating environment where children feel confident and enthused.

Child centred

Our teachers are supported by some of the best integrated computer based systems available worldwide which are fully integrated with the English National Curriculum. This is supplemented by comprehensive written and audio resources.

Individually tailored programmes

Every child has their own individual programmes designed to allow them to work at their own speed – if they are most capable of learners or if they find schooling a difficult. 

The teachers inspire enthusiasm, confidence and foster the learning of new skills. This is achieved by thorough planning which involves 6-8 activities per 80 minute sessions. Including integrated structured worksheets and textbooks as well. This ensures that the child is challenged and allows every child to reach their full potential.

Parental feedback

At Kip McGrath Ashby we believe very strongly that it is important for parents to be fully aware of their child’s progress. Consequently, parents receive thorough feedback from the child’s tutor at the end of every session. This gives the parent the opportunity to discuss personal progress and future development. 


Any opportunity to commemorate success is realised at every opportunity. Children are continually praised and rewarded verbally and with certificates and prizes.

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Why consider using a tutor?

Free Assessment

Before tutoring commences, we undertake a comprehensive educational assessment which is free of charge and without obligation. A specialist will discuss the results in full with parents and will highlight any areas of strengths and weakness. The results will enable the creation of an individual programme of learning for your child.

Your child may not be achieving their full potential for many reasons. Maybe:-

  • They are gifted and talented and wish to extend their skills further.
  • They may have specific learning difficulties and wish to ‘catch up’.
  • They need the alleviation of anxiety with their academic studies. 
  • They may lack confidence expressed by them complaining that they are not as clever as other children in class or simply shy and not so self-assured.
  • They are not receiving individual attention within the classroom environment.
  • They struggle with homework and make a fuss about it.
  • They may be requiring support before a test like Common Entrance Examinations, 11+ or GCSE’s to help with preparation to attain higher grades. (If you are trying to gain entry to a school and your child will sit an entrance exam, it is important to engage a tutor well in advance to prepare.)
  • They may be bored and not being stretched to reach their full potential? 
  • A teacher may have suggested you child need extra support
  • As a parent you think that your child should be performing better.
  • They feel that they are falling behind and need lessons to catch up? 
  • Support diagnosing any issues

Here are some of the areas we cover:-

English Maths
Reading Basic Number Skills
Spelling Mental Maths
Hand writing Times tables
Creative Writing Fractions
Comprehension Decimals
Vocabulary Percentages
Grammar Algebra
Structure Geometry
Sentence Structure Problem solving
Punctuation Time Reading
Essay writing Money Handling
  • We also provide in depth support for children preparing for verbal reasoning, SATs, GCSE and 11+Preparation.
  • Graded material to achieve constant and accelerated progress.
  • Each child works at their own pace so failure is eliminated
  • Challenging but fun and attainable goals
  • 80 minute rather than 45 min or 1 hour sessions
  • Homework as standard
  • All stationary, resources, workbooks, etc included in the fee 

FAQs & Summer School


How much difference can Kip McGrath make?

Kip McGrath can make a substantial difference to your child. We do not replace schools, but rather work in tandem with them. With a healthy dose of support and encouragement, we aim to build your child’s confidence and make learning fun rather than a chore.

“I like coming because it is fun. I have improved in my writing and my spelling.”

“I like the way I learn here. I have improved very well, especially with my tables and word problems.”

“Kip has helped me get better at my times tables and I think I have improved a lot. My mum and dad think I have improved a lot as well. I like the way they have showed me to work different sums out.”

“I like coming because I get help with my maths and we get to play maths games! I have got more confident with my take-aways and times tables.”

How do I enrole?

To find out how Kip McGrath can make a difference to your child’s education and their subsequent future, call Kip McGrath Ashby de la Zouch 01530 490030 and book a free assessment today.

The assessment lasts approximately one hour and will be a great opportunity for you to come and see the Centre. We will work with your child establishing your child’s individual needs and explain how Kip McGrath Ashby can inspire your child’s learning.

When and how do I pay tuition fees?

A single session costs £30 and we require an up-front payment of £60 to secure your child's place on our Register. When your child graduates and leaves the centre the child will have their remaining two weeks free of change. Your Tuition fees are paid one month in advance ie £120 for 4 weeks or £150 if there are 5 weeks in a month.

Fees are taken by either standing order, debit card, cash or cheque. 

Do I have to pay if my child misses a lesson?

Yes, you are liable to pay for each lesson missed that the Centre is open to retain your child’s place. During the closed periods you are not liable to pay in order to retain your space. However, we do offer a unique Make-Up Lesson system when you book any future absence due to holiday, sickness, etc.



Running throughout August 2011 from the 1st.

Half day sessions available for as little as £45

Autumn Term 

Monday 29th August 2011 – Friday 16th December 2011

Spring Term

Monday 9th January 2012 – Friday 30th March 2012

Summer Term 

Monday 16th April 2012 – Friday 13th July 2012

Sessions running from 3.30pm till late Monday – Friday 

Saturday from 9am.



Job Opportunities


We're hiring!

The Kip McGrath Ashby De La Zouch centre is currently looking for enthusiastic, qualified teachers that are looking for a change of pace and experience the Kip McGrath brand of tutoring.

For more information, please call us now on
01530 490 030.


Contact Details

Centre Owners Rebecca Lewis and Mark Lewis
Address 87 Market Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 1AH, England
Phone 01530 490030
Mobile 07983 548098

Ashby De La Zouch Centre

Centre Owner

Rebecca Lewis and Mark Lewis


87 Market Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 1AH, England


01530 490030

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