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The Brentwood Centre has been successfully providing after school Maths and English tuition to children who need support with their schoolwork since 2003. The Centre has been well established for over 5 years with a reputation in the local area for providing ‘excellent tutoring'. The centre is conveniently located in Shenfield on the main road.

There is free parking in Hutton road just outside the centre and parents can drop off and pick up easily, or they are welcome to stay in our large, comfortable reception area where they can browse through a magazine and enjoy a cup of coffee. The centre has five teaching areas and has a friendly, bright and welcoming feel, which encourages all our students to feel relaxed, motivated and ready to learn!

Schalk and Jana have built up a team of excellent teachers within the centre, and it now enjoys a local reputation for superb tuition and a caring approach to all our families. All the teachers are well experienced in Primary or Secondary Education in England. All of the staff have a Criminal Records Bureau check (Police check) and teaching experience in British schools and therefore have experience of the National Curriculum for England and Wales.

Award Winning Centre:

The Brentwood Centre was the first in the UK to be awarded the Gold, Platinum and Ruby Award – simultaneously, for reaching the 200 student mark- during the annual National UK Conference in June 2007. We were asked to address an audience of 200+ franchisees in the UK on running a highly successful franchise and were also invited as guest speakers to the New Zealand Annual National Conference in April 2007.

What We Do

Kip McGrath Education has an internationally trusted name in the field of private tutoring centres and supplementary education, with over 680 franchises in 20 countries.

We are catering for everyone from pre-schoolers to GCSE students. Our centres' tutoring programs offer advanced learning strategies, specialist learning skills for those needing a little extra help and motivation to succeed. Progress is always at the students' own pace and fun is an essential part of our formula.

All Kip McGrath Centres use a tutorial system based on a series of computer and mp3 based programmes, integrated with structured worksheets and textbooks. The programmes have been successful in helping children overcome problems in spelling, reading, writing and Mathematics. The pupils follow individualised learning programmes. Some of the work is aimed at a specific exam, for example; 11+, Entrance exams for schools like Brentwood Prep and Secondary School and St. Martins, SATs or GCSE.

The Centre caters for both primary and secondary level children with a spectrum of abilities. Some of our students are high attainers and we challenge them even further with their schoolwork. Some simply need support, confidence and enthusiasm to learn. Some are those ‘invisible’ students in a class, not poor enough to get extra support and not able enough to get extended.

All Kip McGrath material is graded so that progress is constant and accelerated. Children catch up as quickly as possible. The programmes are designed to give the children the motivation to succeed with challenging but attainable goals.

  • They work individually at their own pace and failure is eliminated.
  • As they achieve and succeed they find it both rewarding and fun.

At the Brentwood centre in Shenfield centre we specialise in:

  • Helping children having difficulty with the primary to secondary transition.
  • Helping children who have missed a lot of school due to illness.
  • Helping children who need extra support with the Literacy and Numeracy framework.
  • Helping children who simply feel 'lost amongst the crowd'!

Each child is given a free assessment prior to starting, parents concerns are established and the results of the assessments are discussed confidentially.

Following enrolment each student attends the centre once a week for 80 minutes, and follows their own individual programme. We aim to provide a relaxed, friendly and motivating learning environment where children feel comfortable and happy. Progress is carefully monitored and students are regularly re-assessed. Each child learns at their own pace and our aim is to give them the confidence they need to make real progress and achieve their full potential.

Fees are paid on a monthly or termly basis. Students are provided with a computer to assist with their learning.

Tutorials are conducted in the Centre at 64 Hutton Road; Shenfield after school hours.
Each Kip McGrath tutoring session is 80 minutes (1 hour: 20 min)

What our parents and children say:

‘Dear Mr & Mrs Meyer, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping Daniel so much with his maths. His confidence has gone up so much since he has been attending Kip. We have never seen him so enthusiastic about doing school work and learning. He loves coming.

I feel the atmosphere that is created at your centre can only help to relax and encourage the children. We feel so much more relaxed about Daniel’s transition to Senior school. Not only have you helped him, you have helped us too.’

‘Dear Mr & Mrs Meyer, thank you for all your hard work and effort with Holly’s English and maths. We have really noticed the difference at school and her teachers have commented on how well she is doing since attending Kip McGrath. We have been very impress with the level of teaching and commitment of your staff. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere at your centre inspires the children to work hard whilst enjoying themselves at the same time.’

‘I would like to thank you for all the help you gave me. Without your help I would not have made it into KEGS.’

'A big thanks to all the fabulous teachers at Kip for giving me a brighter future. Just to think I was a Level 3 when I started and now, a year later, I am getting a level 6.

Session Times:

Monday - Friday
16.30 - 17.50
18.00 - 19.20
and 19.30 - 20.50 (Monday and Thursday only)

9.30 - 10.50
11.00 - 12.20

Contact Details

Centre Owners Schalk Meyer and Jana Meyer
Address 64 Hutton Road, Shenfield, Essex, CM15 8NB, England
Phone 01277 200919
Mobile 07881 521 082

Brentwood Centre

Centre Owner

Schalk Meyer and Jana Meyer


64 Hutton Road, Shenfield, Essex, CM15 8NB, England


01277 200919

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