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Professional Tutoring at Kip McGrath Education Centre Leeds North

Looking for a Maths tutor or an English tutor or both? 
Leeds North Centre

Kip McGrath offers the best in private professional tuition in all aspects of English and Maths, for children between the ages of 5 and 16.

Our tutors are fully qualified, experienced teachers that have worked in primary or secondary education and are committed to providing the best possible learning experience.  All have a Criminal Records Bureau check. We do not use 'tutors'. 
89% of parents want their children tutored by a fully qualified teacher - http://www.teachers.org.uk/node/13032 - and we feel exactly the same way! 
No other centre locally offers this and a fully qualified teacher is crucial for your child's education development. 

Our centre caters for the educational needs of primary and secondary school children in a relaxed, friendly and distraction free environment. 

Our students enroll from the local areas of Roundhay, Moortown, Alwoodley, Shadwell, Meanwood, Oakwood, Chapel Allerton and beyond and we are based on Street Lane in Roundhay, just along from Tropical World and Moortown Corner and directly opposite the famous Flying Pizza restaurant. 

About the Centre 

Established in 1999 - The first Kip McGrath Centre in Leeds - we have built up an enviable reputation for achieving results that delight students and parents alike. 

Our ability to adapt with the regular changes in curriculum ensures that we are always able to teach students in line with their schools requirements so that what they learn with us can be taken back into the classroom.  We have close relationships with local schools and teachers to ensure we are always keep up with any changes that take place in teaching methods and styles.

The centre has gone from strength to strength over the last year, helping more students than ever to achieve their academic goals. We have some fantastic plans and initiatives for 2014/2015 to ensure that your child receives the best help with their education needs.  

Centre directors Adam and Ruth Robertson are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. 

To book your FREE assessment call now on 0113 2662381

You can also find us on Google +  Google+ and our Facebook and Twitter links are on the right hand side of the page. 


What We Do

Maths and English Tuition

We specialise in teaching students from the age of 6 all the way up to 16 in Maths (up to and including higher GCSE) and English, including Reading, Spelling, Comprehension and Writing Skills. This also includes preparation for any exams they may have during this time.

Our programmes are individually structured to build confidence and increase opportunities for success. At Leeds North the raising of students’ self esteem and self confidence are vital ingredients to helping them reach their maximum potential.

We aim to help students of all ages; they can be left behind for many reasons; a change of school, a move to a new area, illness or learning difficulties. However the centre caters for all abilities, not just those who are struggling. At the Leeds North Centre, we provide a safe, proactive and stimulating environment for each student.

Personalised programmes are developed for each student, designed to target weaknesses and build on strengths. The programmes are fully integrated and use both computer and written materials.

Before a child starts at Kip McGrath we carry out a FREE no commitment assessment to allow us to establish the most suitable programme for your child.

You and your child can expect

  • A carefully planned personalised programme of study in the subject(s) nominated
  • Individual attention
  • A fully qualified teacher
  • Exclusive educational resources
  • Graded worksheets and books
  • Regular homework
  • On-going progress review
  • A caring supportive environment
  • A strong commitment to parental involvement in the child’s progress

Whatever your child’s ability we can help. Call 0113 2662381 now to arrange your FREE assessment.

Why Choose Kip McGrath

Why Choose Kip McGrath 

There are many factors to consider when choosing additional tuition for your children. Below you will find why we are the number one tuition provider in North Leeds.

Fully Qualified Teachers

Without exception having a fully qualified TEACHER should your number one requirement when exploring supplementary education.  Kip McGrath guarantee that your child will have a fully qualified teacher tutoring them. If you are comparing Kip McGrath to any other tutoring, please check that that they are themselves a qualified teacher or the centre uses qualified teachers. ‘Tutors’ are not the same thing!!

Will you see results without a qualified teacher? Possibly.

Will you see the results you want in the timeframe desired? Unlikely.

There are alternatives but a fully qualified teacher understands how to ‘teach’ your child what they need to know, when they need to know it.

Fully qualified teachers have the skill, experience and patience to look at every single avenue to explain how to master an activity or task.

Simply following a set of worksheets or a shop bought book or being ‘tutored’ by someone barely out of school (or even still at school) themselves will generally not give you the results you desire.

Knowledge and reputation.

We have been helping students at the Leeds North centre since 1999 and Kip McGrath methods have been used to teach students across the globe for over 30 years. We have seen a number of changes to the curriculum and exams in that time, continually adapting to the latest requirements. We can and have helped students from learning to read and all the way through to their GCSE exams. We are very proud that in 2011 and 2012 the number one entrant to Leeds Grammar School was tutored for the exam by ourselves. Nobody can stay in operation for as long as we have without delivering results.

With the right support, individual programme and dedication every child will see improvement in their confidence and educational performance at Kip McGrath.  

Initial Assessment and Monitoring

One of our key services is our initial, no obligation free assessment and feedback. This provides us and you with an overview of your child’s ability and potential and allows us to identify any gaps that need to be fixed before moving on to more complex activities. The assessment can cover Maths and/or English and looks at a variety of skills within each subject and benchmarks them against the national curriculum and their age.

The results of the assessment provides us with the starting point for your child’s programme and for us to benchmark progress moving forward through their programme or by conducting a reassessment.

Teaching to GCSE level

Students are unlikely to need tuition for every year of their schooling but we are here to support them whenever they need it. Continuity is a critical element of tuition so the fact students return to the same place, with the same look and feel and confidence that they will improve their knowledge and skills based on their previous success at Kip McGrath. As we move towards GCSE exams the attention and focus they receive can be overwhelming. Moving into a new environment at this time with a new style of teaching can be unsettling and affect the initial impact of their tuition. As some other tuition providers’ only tutor primary students or up to the age of 14, choosing Kip McGrath for all your tuition needs will provide a strong base that will support your child throughout their standard education.

Exam Preparation

Students face a variety of tests and exams during their school years. This can range from simple spellings to GSCEs and beyond. Exams aren’t just about writing answers to questions. There are a variety of techniques to apply and we utilise our teaching programme and introduce past papers when applicable to ensure children are comfortable and familiar with the process prior to sitting the exam.

The main exams that we prepare for are SATs, Entrance Exams and GSCEs and have many years of success of getting the grades required if given the right amount of time.

Tutor groups

Every child has their own study programme and our teachers look after no more than 4 students per session. This creates a classroom environment so that children understand that they are with us to learn. Our teachers move seamlessly between their students and give them all as much attention as they need. We believe that any more students then this dilutes the time that a student requires in each session. Attending the centre also creates a distraction free environment that cannot be replicated at home and allows for maximum concentration. Our preset lesson times also mean that students are not coming and going causing further distraction throughout their lessons. 

Bespoke written and computer resources

All Kip McGrath Centres benefit from over 30 years worth of development in our teaching resources, both written and computer based. The package that we use is unique and cannot be bought or used by anyone outside of the Kip McGrath setting. Our IT package alone has had in excess of £6m worth of investment and is industry leading. Many try to copy; none have come near to replicating it.

Ofsted Registration

We have voluntarily chosen to register with Ofsted. This gives us an external code of conduct to comply with giving you peace of mind about the level of care and service that your child will receive when attending the centre.

The registration also allows us to accept Childcare Vouchers from your employer and for you reclaim costs back of up to 70% if you qualify for Working Tax Credits. Details of how you can take advantage of this facility are available upon enrollment. 


Thanks for helping me to obtain much better grades than I had expected...guess I'm saying thanks for getting the best out of me

My son's excellent SATS results are a testament to the  great job you have done, but you have also worked wonders on his 'can do' confidence

Thanks to your patience and support, Christina has been transformed! She was such a shy, timid girl - now she delights in school and making new friends. The change in her is nothing short of remarkable!” Mr R.B

We would like to thank all the staff for the last two years who have supported Isabelle in her Maths lessons it has been very beneficial to her

Contact Details

Centre Owners Adam Robertson and Ruth Robertson
Address 37 Street Lane, Roundhay, Leeds,, West Yorkshire, LS8 1JN,
Directions The centre is conveniently situated on Street Lane in Roundhay. We are opposite the Flying Pizza and Napa with plenty of parking at the front of the building and surrounding streets.

We are a comfortable distance for those living in Roundhay, Moortown, Alwoodley, Shadwell, Oakwood, Chapel Allerton and beyond.
Phone 0113 2662381
Mobile 07775626046
Email leedsnorth@kip-mcgrath.com
Centre Hours Monday – Thursday
4.00pm - 5.20pm
5.30pm - 6.50pm
7.00pm - 8.20pm

Friday Only
4.00 - 5.20pm

9:15am - 10:35am
10.45am - 12.05pm

Leeds North Centre

Centre Owner

Adam Robertson and Ruth Robertson


37 Street Lane, Roundhay, Leeds,, West Yorkshire, LS8 1JN,


0113 2662381

Email Leeds North

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