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Maths, English and Science tutoring - we aim to provide the highest quality Maths, English and Science tutoring to primary and secondary students from St Ives and the surrounding area. 

Our students come to our tutoring Centre for lots of different reasons: students that need extra help to grasp some of the basics, children who are lacking confidence through to children who are doing well at school and want some extra help to achieve the very best grades they can.

Our primary aim with all of our students is to boost their confidence and motivation as all children learn far more effectively when they are confident with their subject, surroundings and tutor.

Our tutors are qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teachers and we have an exceptionally positive, supportive and caring environment so that all our students can be successful and enjoy their tutoring sessions. We are always pleased to hear from enthusiastic and committed teachers who may be interested in joining our team of tutors, please feel free to contact us for more information and details or current and forthcoming vacancies. 

The Centre is run by Andrew Baker, a qualified teacher with over 15 years experience teaching and tutoring, and a team of enthusiastic teachers, including primary, secondary Maths, secondary English, secondary Science and A-level specialists. Many of our English, maths and science tutors also teach full or part time in schools in the St Ives area.


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Our lessons

At our St Ives Tutoring Centre our aims are to:

  • enable all of our students to achieve their potential;
  • provide a happy, safe and secure environment where learning is enjoyable;
  • increase our students motivation and confidence;
  • eliminate peer pressure and the fear of failure;
  • provide value for money and an excellent service to all parents who enrol their children with us

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Prior to tutoring we invite all students to come and visit us with their parents to discuss their concerns and needs in more detail. We will also show you round our Centre and explain how our tutoring works and assess your child's numeracy, literacy or both if you would like us to. If you are interested in your child joining us for tutoring at this point we will put together an individual learning plan for them based on your concerns, their concerns and our assessment.

Our lessons. All students are tutored in very small groups, maximum 5 students per tutor, with access to a computer and wide range of educational software. Students get 1-1 time with their tutor at their desk explaining a topic/concept/idea to them and then some time to practice independently what they have been taught. The independent practice time is crucial as it ensures that students really understand what they have been taught and students are far more likely to remember something they have practiced themselves. We find this is the single biggest advantage of our tutoring over traditional 1-1 home tutoring.

As our English, maths and science tutors work with their students each week they get to know which areas they need more help with and adjust their tutoring programme accordingly. At the end of every lesson your child's tutor will explain to you what they have covered and how they got on, so as a parent you are kept completely up to date week by week with your children's work and progress. However, parents quickly see for themselves the difference in their child's confidence, knowledge and skills.




Primary students (Numeracy and literacy)

We tutor children in numeracy and literacy from both Key Stages, from reception through to year 6. All of our primary tutors are experienced teachers who know exactly what students need to know in each year group and can then work with them to help boost their confidence, fill in any gaps and help them catch up or extend them as necessary.

We also work with children to prepare them for their Year 2 or Year 6 SATs tests so they are a much less daunting experience for them.

Secondary students (English, maths and science)

Maths tutors

Our maths tutors are experienced maths teachers who know exactly what students need to know in maths and the methods they are taught, from Year 7 to Year 11. They are experienced at tutoring students taking any of the GCSE exam specifications.  Confidence in maths is a big problem for many students, particularly at GCSE and so our tutors are continually looking to build their students confidence with maths.

Science tutors

Our science tutors are also experienced teachers, some are also GCSE exam markers and so understand the common mistakes that students make in their exams and can work with students to help minimise these.

English tutors

Our English tutors have taught KS3, GCSE and A-level English and English Literature and so are very well-equipped to tutor students in everything from the basics of punctuation and grammar to detailed analysis of poetry and Shakespeare.

We tutor students from all of the secondary schools in the area, including St Ivo, St Peters, Hinchingbrooke, Abbey College, Sawtry, Swavesey Village College, St Bedes and Cambourne.




Hi Andrew,  


I got an A in IGCSE maths which I was really happy with! All in all, I came out with 1 A*, 7A's and 1B which was a great reward for all the work! I would just like to say a massive thank you for your tuition, I found it unbelievably helpful. Out of all of my subjects, maths was the one that intimidated me. However, with your help I managed to get over this fear and gain a far greater understanding.  


Best Wishes,

George :)




Dear Andrew


I thought I should email you to say what a truly transforming educational experience Ben had upon joining Kip McGrath. Within 6 weeks he was a different boy - his reading, writing and maths all improving dramatically and what’s more he also enjoyed it. He has continued to go from strength to strength.


We can’t sing the praises of your tutoring service strongly enough. Val was able to understand and motivate Ben, she was always able to chivvy and encourage him in order to get the best out of him.


Kind regards

Greg Andrell





Hi Andrew,


I just thought I’d give you some good news about Owen now he has come to the end of this school year.

If you remember he came to Kip McGrath to work on his English and achieve his own goal of a level 5 in writing.

I’m really pleased to tell you that he achieved that level 5 and also a level 5 in reading and a level 6 in Maths!!

In addition he passed the entrance exam to Kimbolton and is starting there in September.


Owen really enjoyed his time with you and I’m sure it helped to get to where he wanted to be.


Please pass on our regards to Liz and Val and thank them for their support.








Hi Andrew,


Just a quick email to let you know overall Sarah achieved 2 A*, 5 B's and 3 C grades including a B in maths which she is delighted with. These results enable her to go to Sixth Form and take her chosen subjects.


Both she, myself and Judith would like to would like to thank you for all the help and support you have given her, without doubt your tutoring has contributed to the grade she has achieved.


We always recommend you to friends as we know both Matthew and Sarah have benefited greatly from the quality of the tutoring they have received over the years.


I wish you and your team continued success for many more years.


Best regards





Hi Andrew


As you know i was working at an 'E' grade last year for my mock
Well i opened my results yesterday and i thought a 'B' would have been amazing, but i infact got an 'A'
I can't believe, i never thought i could achieve higher than a 'B'
I can now go off to college!!!!
So thank you ever so much for giving me confidence to do math and for teaching me all the different topics i fizzled out listening to in class.
I can't believe it, i'm so happy, yesterday i started crying, so did my mum and aunty
I couldnt have done it without your help
so thanks a million!!

Jody :)


Hi Andrew

Just to let you know the great news that Steph got an A* in science and an A in maths! All together she got 3 - A* in science, English and history, then 7- A' s and 1 - B in sports studies! So a huge thank-you for all your help and support with all her revision and your excellent tuition.

Many thanks



Hi Andrew

I thought I would email you to let you know that Chloe achieved a grade C in her maths! She is very pleased with herself and so am i! All the extra tutoring gave her the confidence and the push she needed and I can’t thank you enough for having a big hand in that! Thank you so much for all the help and for inspiring and encouraging Chloe.

Kind regards



Hi Andrew.

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to let you know how Megan got on with her exams.

She achieved A's in Spanish,  BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY!  And achieved B's in all her other subjects including PHYSICS apart from getting an A* in Art.

Thank you so much for your help and support - we are so proud of her.

I hope she will be able to continue coming to extra tuition in Sept for AS Biology.

Kind regards





Contact Details

Centre Owners Andrew Baker
Address 13 Manor Mews, Bridge Street, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 5UW, England
Directions From Fenstanton/A14:

1. At the Low Road roundabout (next to Vindis VW garage) take the exit signposted Hemingford Grey.
2. Turn immediately right into London Road where you can park on the bridge or in the Dolphin Hotel car park.
3. Walk over the old bridge towards the town centre and Manor Mews is the first passageway on the left.
4. Walk to the end of Manor Mews and we are on the right hand side on the first floor.

From St Ives town centre:

1. Car parking is available in the Broadway or the market square.
2. Walk down Bridge Street towards the river.
3. Manor Mews is on the right hand side just before you get to the old bridge.
4. Walk to the end of Manor Mews and we are on the right hand side on the first floor.
Phone 01480 498899
Mobile 07791 440 029

St Ives Centre

Centre Owner

Andrew Baker


13 Manor Mews, Bridge Street, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 5UW, England


01480 498899

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