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Professional Tuition in English and Maths in Stirling

Fiona Macdiarmid, a former teacher and Headteacher aims to provide something at the top of every parent's wish list - peace of mind.  As director of the Kip McGrath Education Centre for Stirling and Clackmannan areas, Fiona and her Kip team have been providing quality tuition for over 10 years.

With nearly 30 years experience in education, specialising in maths, English, readingliteracy and infant education, Fiona calls on first-hand experience to recognise each student's learning needs and develop an individualised tutoring programme designed to maximise potential and build self confidence.

Where we are.

Located in the Stirling University Innovation Park, in the shadow of Stirling's famous landmark, the Wallace Monument, we offer the best in professional private tuition in reading, spelling, English and maths for primary and secondary school children between the ages of six and eighteen in a friendly and relaxed environment.  We also provide tutoring in Physics up to Higher leveand Chemistry up to National 5 level. 

Our Educational Team 

The tutors at Stirling Kip McGrath Centre are an exceptional team who provide caring support for all our students. They are all fully qualified teachers with General Teaching Council for Scotland registration and are fully disclosure checked before undertaking further training to deliver our unique form of tutoring.

Who comes to Kip McGrath?

We provide a range of learning strategies for students of all ages and abilities which are designed to assist and develop students who are experiencing difficulties with some aspect of their learning. Alongside those more able students who wish to enhance and consolidate their learning, some of our students are seeking some extra tuition to brush up on their skills in preparation for exams, interviews or a move to a new school. 

We aim to help all children who come to Kip McGrath and especially those "who just don't understand, children who are frustrated and children who have given up trying".  We give them - and their parents - hope!

What We Do

Kip McGrath in Stirling

Before any student attends our centre, a comprehensive free assessment is arranged. The results are fully discussed with the parents, a teaching programme outlined and an individual programme of work is drawn up.  

We believe that we have created the right atmosphere for individual learning using the best educational resources with tutors trained to employ a variety of proven, successful teaching methods. The main emphasis is on individual tuition and a typical 80 minute session involves at least six rewarding activities alternating between computer-based work and a variety of teaching methods to motivate our students. Our tutors are constantly on hand to explain and teach the work and feedback is given to parents after every session.

Each students works on his or her own programme, independent of others and each tutor has a maximum of five students, using a one-to-one teaching approach. No two students have the same teaching programme, each student receives individual tuition and all programmes are developed and monitored under the direct supervision of the centre director.

Our individually tailored programmes are structured to build confidence in the classroom and increase opportunities for success at all levels. Our programmes are designed to enhance rather than replace our students' schoolwork. Homework plans are developed and marked with each student.  Parents are also encouraged to be involved with their child's tutoring through regular contact with the centre and are informed of each session's progress.

Our Teaching Philosophy.

We aim to help students of all ages and abilities. It may be that they feel that they are being left behind due to a change of school, a move to a new area, illness or learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, Asberger's Syndrome, Hyperlexia, Dyspraxia, ADD/ADHD.  Some of our students are simply aiming to excel and find the individualised tuition provided at Kip helps them achieve their goals.

Kip McGrath centres specialise in the teaching of ENGLISH, MATHS, READING and SPELLING. We also provide physics and chemistry tuition.  Progress is set and varied to suit pupil's own pace, it is regularly monitored and homework is an integral component of the tuition.

At Kip in Stirling we provide a positive and supporting learning environment that promotes self-esteem, boosts confidence and helps each student achieve their personal best.

Our goal is to make learning fun and successful.


Some quotes from students at our centre: 

  • "Kip McGrath - Childrens' University"
  • "You are not a failure if you don't win - you are a success if you try"
  • "I learn so much more at Kip McGrath than I do at school. If I came for another session, I could give up school completely!"

We really value feedback from our families.

For your son or daughter, Kip McGrath in Stirling can offer: -

  • Teaching in a relaxed, friendly environment. 
  • Increased confidence and self esteem 
  • Improved motivation for learning 
  • Support for exams 
  • An enjoyable learning experience.

If you would like to find out more about how you can help your child to succeed, contact Fiona and her team at the Kip McGrath centre on 01786 474818.  We look forward to welcoming you to the Stirling Kip McGrath Centre.

Stirling Centre

  • We can also help with Adult Literacy - special discreet classes for adult learners returning to study, or would like to use use our leading computer software to brush up on basic skills in preparation for interviews, exams or applications.
  • If your child has had a prolonged illness and is recovering, although absent from school, a special programme can be arranged with sessions during the day, by arrangement.

Stirling Centre Newsletter

We maintain strong links with the families of our students.  We have our own Facebook page and we circulate regular Newsletters and information by email. 

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Contact Details

Centre Owners Fiona MacDiarmid
Address Unit 4, Scion House, Stirling University Innovation Park, The Causeway, Stirling, Stirlingshire, FK9 4NF, Scotland
Directions We are based in the Stirling University Innovation Park, which is on the Stirling University Campus.
Our address is:

Unit 4, Scion House,
Stirling University Innovation Park
Phone 01786 474 818
Mobile 07740980898
Centre Hours We offer tutoring at the following times:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Session times are : 4pm, 5.30 pm & 7pm

Session times are: 9.30 am & 11am

Stirling Centre

Centre Owner

Fiona MacDiarmid


Unit 4, Scion House, Stirling University Innovation Park, The Causeway, Stirling, Stirlingshire, FK9 4NF, Scotland


01786 474 818

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