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The Kip McGrath approach to nurturing our children’s talent


Kip McGrath originally opened the first of his renowned education centres more than thirty years ago. Since then, new centres have opened all over the world, all fuelled by the belief that any child can learn properly if they are taught in the right way.

Every Kip McGrath centre offers bespoke Maths and English tuition for children of all ages. Kip McGrath tutors are all committed educators with wide-ranging training and experience. They have all become Kip McGrath tutors due to a genuine passion for teaching and a willingness to go the extra mile for each and every one of their pupils.

Our tutoring takes the form of personalised individual learning programmes, supported by cutting edge computer-assisted learning, offering support in:

      * Exam preparation (including stress management)

      * Effective study methods

      * Basic literacy and numeracy

      * The transition to secondary school

      * Essay writing skills

      * Intelligence development


About Samantha Craig and Kip McGrath Walkden

I originally opened the Kip McGrath Walkden education centre after spending twenty years as a primary school teacher. During those years, I spent a lot of time preparing my year six pupils for their exams and the transition to secondary school. It was a tremendously rewarding career, but at the same time I felt like I could be doing more to help my pupils beyond what was possible in the familiar classroom environment. To this end, I worked with the local authorities to improve the overall quality of education in the area and was very successful from this point of view, but there was still something missing…

It was a meeting with a fellow educator who ran a Kip McGrath centre that finally showed me the way forward. The Kip McGrath approach was exactly what I had been looking for all these years – the perfect way to continue with my much-loved teaching career while providing my pupils with the personal attention and flexible approach they needed.

I immediately decided to take the plunge and open my own education centre and so several months later, Kip McGrath Walkden welcomed its first pupils. Since then, it’s been a constant source of pride and joy to me to hear the things my pupils have gone on to achieve. 

If your child is aged 5-16 years and needs any kind of support with their studies why not send for our free guide or request a free, no obligation assessment. We cater for children from different parts of  the Manchester and Salford area and particularly Walkden, Worsley, Boothstown, Astley, Little Hulton, Tyldesley, Wardley and Farnworth.


Help in Maths & English

    Invest in your children’s future at Kip McGrath Walkden

    Professional Maths and English tuition that will inspire your children and prepare them for future success


    A great education is the most precious gift you can give your child. As a parent, you naturally want to do everything you can to help them achieve everything they’re capable of. That’s why it’s incredibly frustrating when your child is struggling at school and you feel powerless to help them. You may never have considered tutoring before, but there is no substitute for the attention of a professional tutor when it comes to getting your child back on track and inspiring them to succeed.

    At the Kip McGrath Education Centre Walkden, we offer the very best professional tuition in English and Maths to children aged 5-16 years within the Manchester area, particularly in Walkden, Worsley, Boothstown, Astley, Little Hulton, Wardley and Farnworth.

    Child-centred tutoring that gets results

    We work with families from all walks of life, offering everything from GCSE help, to preparation for entrance exams or simply a little extra help when a child is struggling with a particular area of their studies. Our approach to tuition is wholly child-centred and nurturing, acknowledging the fact that every child learns differently. Because of this, we emphasise the importance of personalised tuition, small classrooms and individual attention from our team of expert tutors – something that conventional classrooms are unable to match.

    This approach has been so successful that for the past five years, we have achieved a 100% pass rate for the students we have prepared for entrance exams.

    An opportunity to experience the Kip McGrath approach

    If you’d like to find out more, we would be delighted to meet you and your child and offer you a no-obligation assessment, where we’ll spend 45 minutes assessing where your child currently is academically, giving us a chance to get to know them better and evaluate how we can best help them. This provides your child with a chance to experience the Kip McGrath approach for themselves – many children find it so much fun that they can’t wait to get going.

    Just CONTACT US to arrange your first appointment. It could easily prove to be one of the best investments you ever make for your child.

    I look forward to meeting you!


    Samantha Craig

    Kip McGrath Walkden




What Our Parents Say About Us

My son is nearly 11 and we have been using Kip McGrath Walkden since he was 6. We love the warm friendly atmosphere for learning. It has helped my son so much we now send our 7 year old daughter as well. 

Mrs Lake.
Our Promise, UK
Attending Kip McGrath has not only boosted my son’s academic skills , but has enhanced his confidence in his own abilities. I’m sure that without having the extra tuition he would not have had the confidence to successfully achieve all level 5’s in his SATs.
He will continue to attend and I am sure this will help in the transition to high school. (Besides that~ he loves going to Kip).
Mrs Morris.
Kip McGrath has enabled my childrens’ confidence to grow in an area they have struggled with for years.
Samantha’s enthusiasm and positive nature has ensured that sessions are fun and packed with praise. They in turn are keen to learn and enjoy a subject which previously caused fear.
Kip McGrath has been the best learning experience we have encountered.
Mrs Harris.
My little boy is 8 years old and has been going to Kip McGrath for 7 weeks. He really enjoys the work and has even started to enjoy reading at home.

Mrs Pollard.
I send all of my 3 boys to Kip McGrath. My eldest son who is now in secondary school started in Year 2. I brought him because he had no confidence as he really struggled in group situations and he couldn’t even write his own name correctly. Within weeks I noticed a big difference in all areas of his academia. The focussed learning environment enables him to put 100% into his work. The tutors have been supportive both educationally and personally and all of my children really look forward to their weekly lessons.

Mrs Simpson.
Both my daughters go to Kip McGrath Walkden, Lucy aged 10 and Emily aged 6. Kip is great for the girls self esteem. All of the staff are so positive and encouraging. Going to Kip has built up both the girls confidence in Maths. Samantha and the staff do a wonderful job.

Mrs Eyre.
"Lucy has attended Kip McGrath at Walkden for over 6 years and still loves going.  I must say her self confidence in Maths and English has significantly improved.  The teaching is fantastic, they work in small groups of approx 4 children and each child receives dedicated tuition. All the staff are caring and make learning fun!”


Frequently asked questions about Maths and English tuition at Kip McGrath Walkden















What subjects do you teach ?

What ages do you teach ?

Do you tutor exam preparation for selective school entrance ?

How do I know that my child will improve ?

How long will it take to solve my child's problem ?

Can you tutor my child with a disability ?

Will you come to my house to tutor ?

Do you tutor online ?

How does the initial assessment work ?

How long is each lesson ?

What times are the lessons held ?

Will my child get homework ?

How should I help my child while at Kip McGrath ?

What subjects do you teach ?


We help students primarily in the areas of Reading, Writing, Spelling, Comprehension, English and Maths - from Year 1 to Year 6. From time to time we offer expert courses in Essay Writing, Study Skills and Intelligence Development. At appropriate times of the year we also offer exam preparation for entrance exams to Bolton School, Bury Grammar, Bridegwater and Trafford 11+ as well as GCSE Maths and English and SAT's.Back to top


What ages do you teach ?


The majority of students we tutor in English and Maths are between 5 and 16 years old. We also cater for adult students who need to "brush up" on their school knowledge, for example, a workplace examination or to improve their reading or writing skills.Back to top


Do you tutor exam preparation for selective school entrance ?


We do exam preparation for selective school entrance exams as well as SATs and GCSE preparation. It is important that you contact us well before the exams to give your child the best chance of success.Back to top


How do I know that my child will improve ?


Your child will improve if they are supported at school, home and at Kip McGrath. Every child that attends tutoring each week and does all of their set homework will improve - both academically and in self confidence. Back to top


How long will it take to solve my child's problem ?


Every child is different and every problem is different. After the initial assessment, we will be able to provide an indication of how long tutoring may be required and your child's progress is monitored regularly.Back to top


Can you tutor my child with a disability ?


There are many disabilities with varying levels of disorder. We always recommend that you seek professional advice on this question first, however we have taught students with disabilities such as ADHD, Aspergers, Dyslexia, Autism and others in the past. It is very important that we have an interview and assessment with you and your child before we can determine if we can effectively tutor them. Our main focus is to ensure that your child's disability will not interfere with their ability to learn in this environment. Please contact us to discuss your child's needs.Back to top


Will you come to my house to tutor ?


All tutoring is done within our Centre. This gives us the ability to provide the best facilities and teaching aids to meet the needs of your child and creates an optimal learning environment.Back to top


Do you tutor online ?


Online tutoring is was developed during 2012 to mimic the proven Kip McGrath method of tutoring currently delivered in the Centre. Released in 2013, it is a great option if your child finds it difficult to regularly attend our Centre.Back to top


How does the initial assessment work ?


Many parents are concerned about how their children are performing at school and whether their children are at the appropriate level for their age and class. We provide a free, no obligation assessment and discuss the results with you in detail to determine exactly how your child is performing.Back to top


How long is each lesson ?


Lessons are 80 minutes long and students attend for one lesson a week. Some older children do attend more often, according to their needs. Even young children attend for 80 minutes - their lessons are broken up into 10 minute activities, designed to keep them keen and interested.Back to top


What times are the lessons held ?


There are a variety of lesson times available to suit you and your child's activities. The majority are after school during week days however we try to be flexible according to the availability of your child. Please contact us to discuss your needs.Back to top


Will my child get homework ?


Homework is an essential part of the Kip McGrath program, particularly for Reading students. We are aware of each student's school workload so set homework is generally limited to around half an hour each week. If you have difficulty getting your child to complete the homework, please contact us immediately.Back to top


How should I help my child while at Kip McGrath ?


Make your child's school teacher aware that you are getting your child tutored and ask to be kept up to date with your child's performance at school and any areas that the teacher believes needs attention. Set aside a place and a time for your child to do homework from both school and Kip McGrath and ensure that they complete it each week. Make sure that they attend their tutoring sessions each week - regularity is a major key to improving your child's results. Always let the tutor know if you have any concerns about the progress of your child or the type of work that they are doing.Back to top


Contact Details

Centre Owners Samantha Craig
Address 2a Memorial Road, Walkden, Manchester, M28 3AQ, England
Directions We are on the main road at the traffic lights opposite Total Fitness.

Free parking available opposite.
Phone 0161 7902100
Mobile 07970 534483
Email walkden@kip-mcgrath.com
Centre Hours Monday - Thursday
4.00-5.20 pm
5.30-6.50 pm
7.00-8.20 pm

9.30-10.50 am
11.00-12.20 pm

Walkden Centre

Centre Owner

Samantha Craig


2a Memorial Road, Walkden, Manchester, M28 3AQ, England


0161 7902100

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